Are Laptops Allowed In Checked Baggage? [4 easy rules]

Laptop wise - Are Laptops Allowed In Checked Baggage

Many questions fly around the internet today, and one of them is, Are laptops allowed in checked baggage? The short answer is YES! but there are some facts that you just need to know.

Your laptop can be checked on an airplane flight. You will place it in a particular case that will contain a power source. If you’re considering taking a laptop on board your next flight, check with your airline first. Most airlines will only allow checked laptops to fly if they meet specific requirements, like being fully charged and not exceeding the weight limit.

Passengers commonly carry laptops in their handbags, which count as their items. Is it possible to check a laptop in your luggage?

Undeniably, yes.

Restrictions On Carrying Laptops In Checked Baggage

Laptops are permitted in checked baggage on certain international flights, according to a statement from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Flights from the United States to Europe, Canada, Mexico, and other destinations outside the U.S. will allow laptops as checked baggage as long as they comply with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements for security screening. There are several restrictions associated with this:

  • Laptops must be in a hard case.
  • They must be powered up and turned off.
  • They must be fully charged.
  • They cannot exceed the size or weight limits the airline sets (cannot exceed 50 pounds).
  • It would help if you locked the case.
  • The laptop cannot have any lithium batteries.
  • You must have the original owner’s signature on a declaration form.
  • When checking in the laptop, bring your passport and airline ticket.
  • The TSA requires passengers to turn off their laptops before passing through security.

The above list is a tiny part of the TSA’s regulations.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Laptop Rules:

TSA allows Laptops in checked baggage. Lithium batteries and laptop chargers with built-in batteries are not allowed in hold bags.

A TSA agent can’t legitimately check your spare batteries for you, so you have to leave your batteries at home. You must remove your extra batteries and ensure they’re approved by TSA before you board the flight. The TSA has put some restrictions on checked laptops. For example, you can’t take a laptop on a plane if it weighs more than 50 pounds.

4 Rules for Traveling With Laptops 

Laptop wise - new rules for laptops on planes

Here’s what you need to know about packing a laptop in checked luggage:

1. You Should Pack A Laptop In Your Hand Luggage

First off, you should know that you can pack a laptop in your hand luggage. It includes both carry-on and checked bags.

Consequently, this is because there are no restrictions on the size of your laptop. But there are restrictions on the amount of weight it can hold.

2. You Can’t Take A Laptop Onboard As Your Carry-On.

Are you planning on taking a laptop with you? Yes, then you’ll have to leave it in the bag you’re carrying.

Your laptop is pretty big compared to your carry-on bag. If you’re worried about getting your laptop through security, you can put it in your carry-on bag and then take it out once you’ve cleared security.

3. You Have To Be Aware Of The Weight Limits

When you’re taking a laptop on board, you must be aware of the weight limits. Most airlines will allow you to take a laptop weighing up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg) on board.

But if your laptop weighs more than 15 pounds, you’ll have to pay extra for the privilege of bringing it on board.

4. You Should Be Aware Of Any Restrictions

When you’re traveling internationally, you should be aware of any restrictions on carrying laptops on board.

In some countries, it’s illegal to bring a laptop on board. Finally, if you’re flying to an area where there’s a risk of a laptop being stolen, you might want to consider leaving it at home.

How Many Laptops Can I Carry on a Plane?

Laptops are generally permitted on most airlines and are usually not restricted to the number of laptops that you can carry. You should be aware that all electronic equipment is exposed to several risks of damage or loss during its handling. Besides, you might need to open your bag to get through the security checkpoint.

Is it safe for your laptop to take it in the checked baggage?

Laptop wise - are laptops allowed in checked baggage UK

Your laptop needs to take in checked baggage if you want to ensure that your laptop will arrive at its destination without any problems. You’ll need to follow all necessary precautions for the safety of your laptop and personal data. You never know what could happen to your laptop. It might get really hot. So, you can either carry it on or leave it at home.

How To Keep A Laptop Safe In Checked Luggage?

When traveling, it is always a concern about your belongings being stolen or lost. You have to worry about not just your laptop but also your passport, money, credit cards, and other valuables.

What do you mean by laptop luggage security?

Checked bag security measures are very important for both you and your luggage. It would be helpful if you were careful to ensure your laptop stays safe. One option is to use foam board or bubble wrap to protect it from bumps and scrapes. Tape it down if necessary. A better solution is to carry it in an airline’s hard case, which is the official recommended method.

Keep your computer in a sturdy computer bag. Turn off your laptop’s system and internet. Buy a cord protector for your computer to keep your laptop’s power cord safe. Conversely, if you’re using a laptop sleeve, don’t forget to put your laptop into it before leaving. You can use a sleeve to protect your laptop from scratches.


In conclusion, Laptops are allowed in checked baggage on most airlines. If you are planning to travel by air, you should check your airline’s rules and regulations before you travel. Airlines have their own set of rules and regulations, and you should abide by them to ensure security and comfort.  To avoid having a laptop stolen, ensure you have it in checked baggage or leave it on the airplane if you are checking luggage. Also, ensure you don’t take it out of its case.


Are laptops allowed in checked baggage?

Yes, they are allowed.

What are the regulations regarding laptops?

In Checked Baggage, Laptops Are Allowed, But They Must Be In A Hard Case. The Laptop Case Cannot Exceed 45 Pounds.

How Should I Pack My Laptop?

Take your laptop in your carry-on bag to the airport so it will be ready

Do I Have To Remove My Laptop From The Case?

No, you do not have to take the laptop out of the case.

What If I’m Flying Domestically?

When you’re flying domestically, you can only take your laptop in your carry-on bag.

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