BEST GAMING MOUSE UNDER 40 For 2022 Full Guide


The gaming mouse offers much more than a conventional mouse which is why it has become a key gadget to have for gamers. In addition, the vibe and enjoyment of playing games with a specifically made mouse just for gaming are matchless.  Also, gaming mice are introduced with bursting lights, quivering shades, and sleek designs. All of these specifications are tempting for top-notch gaming. I will explain the 8 best gaming mice under 40 in detail.

At the same time, it is important to have a market how-know about gaming mice. Furthermore, a professional gamer has the sense to opt for the best gaming mouse available. Therefore, after reviewing a lot of mice, I’ve concluded the 8 best gaming mice are under 40.

Japan has the supercomputer FUGAKU. It has super speed and mindblowing performance. It is the fastest computer in the world. Which mouse fits that supercomputer?


  1. SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse
  2. Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse
  3. CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB – FPS Gaming Mouse
  4. Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse
  5. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse
  6. HyperX Pulsefire Core – RGB Gaming Mouse
  7. J-Tech Digital Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse
  8. CORSAIR SABRE – RGB Gaming Mouse


Laptop Wise - SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

The Steel Series 600 Gaming Mouse is cost a bit more than 40$ but its extraordinary features will never let you curse your spent bucks.

In addition, it is a bit more expensive than the bar we’ve set but its characteristics and rear functionality are undeniable. It’s a bit heavy on the pocket but its features have compelled me to include it. It comes with a fine design and eye-catching style. Therefore, I thought you may like glancing this one out before shifting towards economical (under 40$) mice.


The Steel Series 600 Gaming Mouse has a killer look. It has eight RGB modes, carrying a logo on the back. It is made of black-colored plastic which looks gentle and glittering. In addition, it has sides made of silicon which is removable. Indeed, this helps in the weight customization of the mouse. But, this will not be needed a lot as the whole package demonstrates a balanced gadget.

The left half of the mouse carries three adjustable buttons. Although, they help in enhancing the versatility of the mouse but are only for right-handers.

In a world fell with technological innovations, the Steelseries Rival 600 Gaming mouse is widely regarded as the world’s lowest and most precise lift-off space holder. The lift-off space can be adjusted between 0.5 millimeters to 2mm. It has a fine number of adjustable buttons. It is entirely compatible with Windows and Mac.

On the other side, it has an average wheel that cannot be unlocked to scroll as much as the user wants. It is comfortable to use from a distance as it comes with a 2m long cable but the cable which comes with the mouse is of poor quality. Meanwhile, keep in mind that, it’s a necessity to always use it as there’s no option for a battery plug-in or any other connectivity.

It is also built-in with 256 centers of gravity weight tuning configuration.


It has an absolutely amazing overall performance. The DPI values are ranged from 100 to 12000 CPI (DPI). it has stunning software that lets the users adjust their mouse. In addition to this, it allows users to save and secure the info on the onboard memory. Such saved info can be used on any other computer.

It has two superb sensor combos, one for tracking and another for depth. Moreover, the preciseness and tracking attributes of this mouse are largely spot-on. Concludingly, it has low low click latency which helps in simultaneous operations. The user will find it very responsive.


  • Costly
  • Tons of customizable buttons
  • Comfortable grip
  • Not for small-handed user


  • Fantastic feel
  • Full manual balancing
  • Amazing sensor combo
  • Magnificent customization


  • Complex button placement
  • Very costly
  • Not recommended for traveling because of wire-only
  • Hard to operate for small-handed users

2: Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse:

Laptop Wise - Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse


Gaming mice are usually defined by their eye-catching designs but the Logitech G403 is a machine designed from the old school. The Logitech G403 feels like a natural and familiar device due to its orthodox design. It is strong and dependable.

It comes with wired and wireless versions. Side grips are designed for rubber where the thumb and ring finger rest for effective control.  The logo of Logitech is cemented at the lower middle of the mouse which dazzles with green, red, and blue colors It’s a complete RGB mouse.

The upper half carries two primary buttons, right and left, which feel clickable and sharp. The center has a moving button with linear portions popping up. The geometrical proportions of Logitech G403 are 4.9*2.7*1.7 inches. It was made to look familiar, and feel familiar and in that regard, it’s a success.

The G403 functions on Logitech Gaming software which is robust and user-friendly. The G403 has dazzling lights that are dimmed by an overlay to not look showy. It has 16 million colors available which change gently or can be programmed through the Logitech Gaming Software. This software also assists in connecting each profile to games.

It has a matte finish that feels so aesthetically pleasing to the hands. The device does not store fingerprints. Furthermore, it is made light-weight and sometimes it feels cheaper because of the plasticky look.

Although, there’s a slot available to add extra 10 grams.  The wireless and non-wireless versions are superb. Its battery can last for 20 hours with single-time charging.


It is compatible with every window. A user does not need any USB port to run it rather internet connection is required only. It has an excellent sensor that transfers 1000 reports per second. It is controlled by Pixart PMW 3366 optical sensor.

The performance of this gadget is magnificent with games. It comes with 2 years hardware warranty. Its resolution is ranged from 200-12000 DPI


  • Logitech’s latest optical sensor
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Lightweight design


  • Relaxing grip
  • Sleek, fashionable design
  • Excellent software
  • Swift and responsive


  • Impeccable thumb buttons
  • Costly for such a category
  • Touch sensitivity presets

3: CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB – FPS Gaming Mouse:

Laptop Wise - CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB - FPS Gaming Mouse


The Corsair M65 is made of aluminum with every surface wrapped with plastic. Corsair has termed it as “aircraft-gradeâ€. The build quality from design to operation is amazing.

It weighs 135.5 grams with three optional wights fit-in which can be adjusted by using a screwdriver etc. It feels hefty and warrior-some when loaded fully. Besides, it has a long and low design that only suits right-handers, commonly in the gaming world.

The Corsair M65 uses software named Corsair Utility Engine. It allows the user to set the DPI as low as 100 or as maximum as 1200. This software also lets the user change the RGB colors. It comes with 8 programmable buttons. It offers a clickable lined scroll wheel and buttons to manage DPI.

It’s a lightweight mouse with balanced mass distribution and broadened durability. The polling rate of the mouse is also adjustable. It also provides the option of saving profiles so you can take the game anywhere you want. It is saved on an onboard memory.


It’s a fantastic mouse for gaming, editing, and browsing. Although many refer to this mouse as a gaming mouse, it has also been found very helpful in video editing and web browsing. It has a gaming-grade PMW3360 optical sensor with 12000 DPI. It provides accurate pixel tracking and enables the mouse to provide a user with a stunning performance.


  • Long-lasting aluminum frame
  • Latest optical sensor
  • Advanced weight system
  • 8 completely programmable buttons


  • More buttons
  • Weight adjustment system
  • Stunning design
  • CUE software


  • Not compatible for formal use such as an office or seminar
  • Side panel corner may become an issue for some users

4: Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse:

Laptop Wise - Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse


The Redragon Impact is a weird-shaped mouse that weighs 10.4 ounces. It’s not very long and has mere propositions of 4.8*3.6*1.6 inches. The logo is on the back of the mouse and RGB shades are on the moving wheel. RGB backlight has a vibrant feel as it consists of 16.8 million color options. Nonetheless, It has the option to disable this feature as well.

It has a fashionable and durable structure. Although it does not give the executive feel, it is well-rounded. It has a tall and short design that is liked by both palm and claw grippers. It has a grip width of 72mm. It’s comfortable for medium and large-hand users but small hands may feel shaky and unsatisfied.

The lower side of it has its logo the left half carries 12 function-able buttons for different features of your preferred games.

Redragon is made with LASER technology with up to 12400 dots per inch. It comes with five manageable DPI levels which can be used for gaming or formal use depending upon the needs of the user.

It has five different memory profiles while each coming with a specific light that assists in swift recognition. The weight of the mouse can be adjusted. It has an eight-piece weight tuning system to function for that purpose.


Redragon comes with a reputation for superb performance. Its polling rates can be adjusted. It is a complete package for habitual gamers. It provides user accuracy and comfort.  Also, it is smooth and pinpoints in its operations which motivates the user to get used to it swiftly.

It has many programmable buttons that perform different functions. Whether it’s targeting, shooting, or attacking, this professional gaming gadget will assist you in attaining maximum pleasure.


  • Professional gaming mouse.
  • RGB backlight and functional buttons
  • Accuracy and comfortability
  • High-end design


  • 18 programmable buttons
  • Classy and cozy design
  • Superb RGB shades
  • Customizable weight


  • Thin braided cable
  • The limited color palette for LED

5: UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired:



UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse is the best MMO (massively multiplayer online games) mouse in the market at the range of 40$. In MMO, there are numerous players engaged from all over the world on the same server. It’s comfortable to grip and suitable for long-lasting gaming. It’s designed to resemble executive-category mice. its upper half is made of matte and glittering plastic.

The UtechSmart logo is placed in RGB shades below. The textured moving wheel is set at the focal point and accompanied by the left and right buttons. It also provides buttons below the wheel with up and down arrows to maximize or lower the DPI value. Moreover, it has a fire button as well.

It offers twelve programmable buttons to the users which are placed in different styles for comfort use.

UtechSmart is introduced with 18 programmable buttons. 12 out of the 18 are functional side buttons. It comes with a 6ft braided cable. The ADNS-9800 Avago Sensor is introduced for a better gaming experience for the users.

It has five savable memorable memory profiles while every single one has different shades for distinguishing. The Utech Smart has a Teflon feet pad. Moreover, it also has an eight-piece weight tuning set which makes weight adjusting very easy for gamers.

16 million LED RGB color options given in this model can be enabled or disabled. It also comes with 5RGB color backlit modes.


UtechSmart Venus gaming mouse is specially built for professional massive multiplayer online gamers. Also, it is compatible with up to 16400 DPI and God knows who will need such a high sensitivity level.  In addition, it has an excellent sensor “Avago ADNS-9800†which offers extraordinary tracking on every kind of surface.

It has equipped with 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, and 30G acceleration. All in all, Its overall performance is absolutely amazing and I bet you won’t get such an elegant mouse at 40$ only. This is the best mouse that fits in small hands.


  • Concentration on MMO gamers
  • Multiple programmable buttons
  • A user-friendly right-handed design


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Extremely soothing and relaxing
  • User-friendly design support palm grip
  • Durable switches


  • Nearly useless high DPI
  • Non-configurable lighting
  • Non-mechanical switches

6: HyperX Pulsefire Core – RGB Gaming Mouse

Laptop Wise - HyperX Pulsefire Core - RGB Gaming Mouse


The HyperX Pulsefire Core is a symmetrical mouse. Also, it’s not ergonomically shaped like most of the mice in the gaming world are. It has been made in a bell shape which provides a nice feel to the user.

It has a slim structure and an aesthetically pleasing overall look. The logo of HyperX is placed at the focal point with RGB lighting. The textured moving wheel is wrapped between the left and right-clicks buttons. It also offers options for managing DPI values.

The classy and eye-catching design provides you with a fantastic experience. It will not tire you even after hours of continuous usage.

HyperX has offered a complete package at an unimaginably low rate. It offers this muse a long-lasting braided cable and a 100Hz polling rate. Its switches are compatible with 20 million clicks. Shockingly, it only offers 6200 DPI which is far less than the competitors. Although, no one except ultra-professional gamers may need DPI more than that.

Its textured side holders made of plastic are something you won’t see in this price range. It also provides attributes of high-end switches containing feedback for up to 20 million clicks. Moreover, it also offers 7 programable buttons.

Similarly, a commonly asked question is why my laptop drains the battery so fast. It has several reasons, check the battery before purchasing.


HyperX Pulsefire Core uses the Pixart 3327 sensor. Also, this sensor provides precise and reliable tracking. It truly gives the gamers what they seek; easy and uninterrupted flow. It has a fine performance level but its acceleration sucks. It feels sluggish when the mouse is moving from a still stance.


  • Comfortable and balanced design
  • Seven programmable buttons
  • Easily adjustable with HyperX Ingenuity software


  • Classy
  • balanced design
  • Firm grip
  • The software assists in setting up the mouse


  • Comparatively fewer buttons
  • Limited performance settings available
  • Doesn’t provide the look of a gaming mouse

7: J-Tech Digital Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse:

Laptop Wise - J-Tech Digital Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse


J-tech digital is the most special mouse out of all the mice reviewed here and I’m not even exaggerating things. It has a weird design that is very different from the other mice on the market. Additionally, it comes with a bottom that looks like a dock and is always gelled to the mouse.

There is an expanded portion for comforting your wrist against the mouse. And a USB is put on the lower side. You can expel that and start it into your operating system. It permits the connection between the mouse and the operating system.

Although it is heavy in size and weight, it gives the vibe of a cheap gadget due to its low-quality plastic and wobbly scroll wheel.

Also, this is a wireless mouse automatically and swiftly compatible with your PC after embedding the USB. It provides the vibe of tension-free life to gamers regarding cables and wires. Besides, it has a fantastic click latency and gamers or office users won’t feel any delay. Also, it comes with 6 completely programmable buttons but it doesn’t offer a profile switching button.

On the other hand, the wheel of Jtech is average and unstable in its shape. J-Tech Digital is a wired-only mouse. It comes with a cheap-quality cable. The sensor makes the cursor movement ridiculous.


It provides a vibe of high-end performance but it’s highly unstable. It has an average performance experience. A user cannot adjust its polling rate. The sensor has some deficiencies as well.


  • USB Transceiver
  • 3 manageable DPI settings
  • Comfortable and compact user-friendly design


  • Wireless
  • Low click latency
  • Anti-skidding design
  • Classy design and firm grip


  • Comes with a non-adjustable weight
  • Inconsistent sensor performance

8: CORSAIR SABRE – RGB Gaming Mouse:

Laptop Wise - CORSAIR SABRE - RGB Gaming Mouse


The CORSAIR Sabre is a simple-looking mouse. It comprises a  black plastic matte design. The Sabre is wider than any other conventional gaming mouse. It carries 8 programmable buttons. Moreover, the design and style of CORSAIR also encourage different grip styles.

The CORSAIR Sabre comes with customizable RGB lighting. It has an excellent optical sensor that lets the user set DPI levels from 100 to 10000. It comes with very minimal weight, only 100g. This helps users in responding more swiftly and play longer without getting tiresome

The customization is done through CUE (corsair utility engine) software. It has a very low price which is tempting with such features.


Besides, it can be used at the office for games. In addition, it has amazing performance in both types of usage. The performance of this mouse is furnished with undeniable preciseness and gives you the freedom to enjoy your gaming for a lot of time.

In addition, it provides a comfortable and relaxing grip which helps in enjoying games. Besides, the tracking attributes of this mouse are matchless.

These are the best accessories for all kinds of computers and laptops.


  • Four-zone 16.8 million color backlighting
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • Effective and efficient switches


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • 10000 DPI
  • Built-in memory


  • Extensive design for smaller hands
  • For right-handers only

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