4 Best Laptops For Business Students 2020 Reviews –[Top Rated Laptop]

Best Laptops For Business Students Are you a business student and looking for the best Laptop? Do not know what laptop to buy? Relaxed, in this article, I will help you choose the one that best suits your expectations and budget.

In this text, you will find an extensive guide with all the information required to acquire portable computers and not perish in the attempt, or worse still, to choose one that is completely outdated at the moment.

When you finish reading this acquisition guide, you will have the possibility to buy the laptop that best suits your needs.

These portable devices are preferred by professionals and students to always carry all important information with them wherever they go. We leave you a complete buying guide for you to choose the best Laptop for you.

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What is a Laptop?

It is a laptop that can be used on the lap or any surface. They are more comfortable to use because you can move from one place to another without even having them connected to an outlet. They are practical, light and very easy to use, that’s why everyone prefers a Laptop.

1: Apple MacBook Air:

Top Positive Reviews:

  • It’s totally different from Windows, amazing product and gives us a lot of happiness
  • Best and Genuine product, well-done Apple
  • Best laptop especially for the students, battery timing is 10 to 12 hours

Top Negative Reviews:

  • It is not working properly and there is an issue with its charger
  • Its repairing price is too high, not worth to buy this type of high priced product, I had to spend 45000 for the repairing of its logic board


According to the Apple ecosystem, MacBook Air is the better and cheap option for business students as compared to the Apple MacBook Pro because of its price and features.

If we talk about some specifications of MacBook Air then it comes with the Intel Core i5 processor at 1.8 GHz, along with Turbo Boost up to 2.9 GHz.

It provides you the 8 GB RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB SSD Hard Drive. MacBook Air comes with a powerful specification and best for any heavy application or program. You can easily run every type of application for business learnings and also do multitasking.

Students always use a laptop on a daily basis and want greater performance all the time. MacBook Air is the ideal option for the students it doesn’t matter you are a business student or related to any other field. The screen of MacBook Air is 13.3″ and it is the best size for working but at the same time, it is very small and lightweight so you can easily take this anywhere anytime.

Best Laptops For Business Students

Unlike the different Pro model, the resolution of MacBook Air is 1,440 x 990 pixels; we know it’s low but sufficient for a normal use other than the video or image editing It comes with the typical Apple macOS Sierra operating system. Basically, it is made up of aluminum, if we talk about that this laptop is value for money or not then according to the Apple performance it is a very wise investment

Made entirely of recycled aluminum, it is a laptop that can hardly be considered cheap. However, due to its power and the durability that Apple products usually offer, it can be a very wise investment. Its design won’t disappoint you either unless you don’t like the sophistication and elegance of the Apple style.

Although not perfect, you will notice the improvements in the keyboard, and you will also appreciate that its screen includes True Tone technology. If you are not a user of Apple products then it is difficult for you to use it but for the starting period.


  • It is very lightweight and provides a super-fast response
  • MacBook Air always avoid any type of lag
  • Design is very beautiful
  • Sound clarity is very amazing and the battery is too long Value for money


  • The screen resolution is low
  • You cannot increase the RAM
  • Limited software is available
  • At some point, the operating system of MacBook is not user friendly

2: New Apple MacBook Pro:

Top positive reviews:

  • I love it; it is very super-fast and excellent for any type of use
  • Very easy to use Touch Bar and an amazing screen, the true tone technology is very useful

Top negative reviews:

  • I don’t like its short battery
  • Sometimes its Touch Bar stops working especially in the non-Apple apps


Now today MacBook Pro is the most powerful laptop and comes with powerful specification and battery. If we talk about the 13″ screen version and its features then it comes with the 2.8 GHz intel-core i7 processor and with the Turbo Boost 4.7 GHz. Its provides you the 8GB of RAM and comes with the 256 GB memory, the screen of MacBook Pro is 13″ and provides 2,560 x 1600 resolution pixels.

New Apple MacBook Pro

The small screen with the best resolution pixels gives us a better idea that it provides you the best quality of the image If you don’t like the small screen then there is the best option for you that it also comes in the 15″ screen and this version of Apple is more powerful as compared to the 13″ version.


This larger version of the Apple MacBook Pro comes with the Intel Core i9 processor 2.4 GHz and with the Turbo Boost 5.0 GHz.It comes with the 8 GB RAM and because of its specification it is more powerful as compared to the 13″ Apple MacBook Pro If we talk about the screen resolution of 15″ version then it is 2,880 x 1,800 pixels and also the screen is larger than 13″ version.

In all types of work, application opening, program launching and multitasking both these versions are very powerful.
MacBook Pro is the best option for the business students and also for the video editors, image editors or any type of professional work. It comes with a very attractive design premium build quality.


  • Design is very beautiful and comes with the high resolution, Retina display
  • Speakers are very powerful
  • Very light-weight
  • Provide fast performance and long battery life
  • 13″ non-Touch Bar version of MacBook Pro comes with the removable internal storage


  • No SD card slot
  • Price is very high
  • You cannot increase storage of 15″ version

3: Newest HP Spectre x360-13t Quad Core:

Top Positive Reviews:

  • I love this laptop, it comes with the awesome speaker, mind-blowing speed, lightweight and design is very attractive
  • Spectre x360 runs very well and I have no complaints with its performance and speed.

Top Negative Reviews:

  • This laptop is very excellent according to its price and specification, it provides the best performance but it produces too much fan noise and the other problem is overheating.
  • Battery issue, it provides the 5 to 7 hours max.


You are sure to get a lot of attention taking the awesome Specter x360 around campus. This sleek 2in1 laptop looks like a luxury item, with its unique color scheme and gold faceted edges.

Best Laptops For Business Students

But the Specter x360 isn’t just pretty on the outside. This sleek machine lasts over 12 hours on a charge, and its Core i7-8565U CPU offers excellent performance. Plus, the laptop’s 13.3-inch 1080p screen is very vivid, and you’ll love typing on its comfortable keyboard.

If we talk about its specification and features then it comes with the Intel Core i5 and i7 processor. The RAM options are 8GB, 16 GB and it provides you the 256 GB and 512GB storage. The size of this laptop is 12.2 x 8.6 x 0.6 inch and the weight is 2.8 pounds. It provides you the 13.3-inch screen with the 1080p or 4k.

The HP Spectre x360 provides 2 thunderbolts 3 ports, present on the right side of the Laptop. With this a MicroSD port and analog headset are present. But along with a tiny slide switch is present with the help of this you can easily disable your webcam.

The right side of this laptop is sparser but it offers you two different things. The first thing is the USB Type-A and the other thing that is present on the right side is its power button. In the end, the last two features of this laptop are its fingerprint reader and the biometric IR camera.


  • Magnificent chassis
  • Long battery life
  • Thin and light
  • Class-leading keyboard
  • It comes with the sleek design
  • It provides USB Type-A port


  • Sometimes its bottom gets very harm
  • In the performance mode section, it needs more optimization

4: ASUS S510UN-EH76 VivoBook S 15.6:

Top Positive Reviews:

  • Very good laptop for students, it 15.5 inch is best for the light gaming or video editing
  • For the graphic work, it is very fabulous, light, fast and good looking

Top Negative Review:

  • Poor thermal performance
  • This laptop is slim, gorgeous, light, fast enough but sometime it will freeze up
  • Caps Lock has no indicator light and this thing is pretty annoying


In every laptop, the design is the critical aspect, in the case of ASUS S510UN-EH76; the main highlight is its design. This laptop is not only beautiful but also it is very lightweight and compact If we talk about its dimension then it is very impressive because it is 0.7″ inch thin and 14.2″ wide.

Best Laptops For Business Students

The weight of this ASUS laptop is 3.7 lbs. All over its design is very impressive and looks better especially when the backlit keyboard is on. It comes with the 15.6 inches Full HD resolution and the screen is very thin. It comes with the Intel Core i7 8th generation 1.8 GHz with Turbo up to 4.0 GHz processor, along with this it also comes with the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics.

In every laptop storage and RAM is two main elements. This ASUS laptop provides you the 8 GB DDR4 RAM and it is the best thing in the mid to top range laptops. But the main thing is that some similar price laptops give you the more than 8GB RAM.

ASUS laptop provides you the 256 SSD storage and 1 TB of HDD storage. At the end analyze the connectivity, it comes with the USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 ports, and USB 3.1 Type C port, along with this it also has featured an SD card slot.


  • It is very powerful
  • Design is very attractive
  • Backlit keyboard
  • SDD and HDD storage


  • Average battery
  • IPS panel

Complete Buying Guide For Purchasing A Laptop:

At the time of acquiring laptops, we must look really well, more than anything, at the different key pieces that constitute it, since these will determine the capacity, fluidity and user experience with the machine.

  • Processors
  • Intel Optane
  • AMD Radeon
  • RAM
  • Expandable or not
  • Graphics Cards
  • Hard drives

Before explaining what all these parts are and what is the preferable configuration in the portables in relation to the use that you are going to offer. I would like to offer you a tip:  do not accept any that is Windows 8 or 7 (Vista), just allow or look configurations with Windows 10.1 operating system.

How do Laptops work?

Thanks to a battery that recharges just like you can with your mobile phone. They require less power and less space than desktop models, so they can do the same job you’re saving on electricity and space. It is a complete set, it does not depend on peripheral accessories such as keyboard, mouse, and monitor; everything is integrated into a single piece that opens in the form of a book. But you can, if you wish, attach these elements easily through their connection ports.

Advantages of buying a Laptop:

  • They offer maximum portability.
  • Easy connectivity.
  • Access wireless internet connections from anywhere via the integrated wireless card.
  • Comfortable and lightweight design. Easy to carry just by putting it in a bag.
  • Battery autonomy. With a battery that has 6 cells, the Laptop can work up to 5 hours without being plugged into a power source.
  • Integration of parts and accessories. You don’t have to carry a keyboard or mouse everywhere to use the laptop.
  • Forget about cables. The battery power cable will be enough to keep the laptop charged and functional.

Aspects to consider when choosing a Laptop:

Technical specifications:

Choose a Laptop that has an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7, Optane processor, as the number increases the performance will be better. The generation is also updated, so pay attention to this detail. The RAM should not be less than 8 GB if you want a good performance when opening multiple pages and avoid it from constantly hanging. The 16 GB are the ones that will be used to edit videos.


The screen is another fundamental aspect so that you can visualize everything perfectly. Those with IPS technology allow you to see everything well from any angle you put yourself. The Full HD resolution is good enough, but there are already more advanced ones with 4K resolution


Mac or Windows, this is the decision you must make when it comes to the operating systems. The difference is big if you go from using a Windows to a Mac or vice versa, so choose the one you like the most and with the best work.


Sizes range from approximately 11 to 18 inches. The 11-inch ones are quite small and not the most recommended. The 13 – 15-inch ones are perfect for almost any job. The 17 and 18-inch ones are used by gamers and editing professionals. As it gets bigger, power and performance increase.


The ability to connect is one of the fundamental aspects of the best laptops. Notice that it has inputs for HDMI, USB C, and card ports. Although there are models that have an option to certain connections even if they do not have the specific port.

Keyboard and touchpad:

Check the keyboard and touchpad before buying your laptop; they should be comfortable and responsive, respectively. The MacBook, Apple computers have the best models on the market touchpad. Although many users complain because the keyboard is noisy.

If you decide on a Windows, then ask for those that incorporate the Microsoft Precision Touchpad system. It is also essential that the keyboard is illuminated; this allows you to work better at night or in low light.


What disk drives and ports do you need?
You are going to study on the laptop or to watch multimedia content like watching movies or listening to the songs, first ask yourself do you really need a DVD player or disk drive.

In my point of view, you don’t need it because most people always prefer to stream all content Now it depends on the usage that do you need some ports or other. It is confirmed that everyone needs at least USB port

How big does the screen have to be?
The small screen laptops are easy to carry but if you are going to use your laptop for many hours in your home or office then the 12 or 14-inch screen is the midpoint for everyone

What should the trackpad and keyboard look like?
The main thing is that all the keyboard and trackpad are created equal but the Apple product always comes with better design, better performance and also these are very expensive Before buying you should think about what type of keyboard you need for the typing purpose.

Think very well and try some different keyboards for a better understanding. After that, you can easily buy the best keyboard for you

How much battery for your laptop do you need?
When buying any laptop it is the most important to consider that you are going to use your laptop in the school or university then you need long battery life. You always need a laptop that can be used without being connected to the power After this, you should consider the usage of your laptop.

If you are going to use it without the internet then the small battery is enough for you. But you are going to use your laptop with the internet and streaming all the time or playing games then you should go for the long battery laptop At the same time, you should always keep in mind that the battery will drain more or less quickly depending on what you use the computer for. If you only use Word without being connected to the Internet, it will last longer than if you play streaming videos.

Are convertible laptops a good option?
Convertible laptops are a mix that unites the best of laptops and tablets, allowing us above all usability to be appreciated. In a single device, we have a laptop, which at first seems more geared towards work or study, and a tablet, more suitable for entertaining and which also tend to be somewhat larger than usual tablets.

It also offers us the possibility that children who are not yet using the keyboard or mouse to do their little things through the tablet (if we dare to leave it). In a single device, we can have both, which can save money. However, the limitations offered by its design and size can cause the battery capacity to be less than what we are used to.

How much money are you willing to spend on your laptop?
At the end, the price is another important factor to consider when you are going to buy a laptop and this thing depends on the budget that you have.

It’s all depends on you that if you are spending more than $1000 on a laptop then it is really worth it or not But the thing is that a more expensive laptop will provide you the best battery life, better performance and you can easily play high games. But this thing is not important for a business student. I think a cheaper laptop with normal performance is enough for you


All the best laptops for the business students are given above; in this article, we mentioned all the best performance laptops that are very good for the business students. So with all these reviews and buying guides, you can easily select a laptop for your business studies.

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