Best Laptops For Engineering Students

Laptops are easy to use and let the user perform operations at any time, anywhere with comfortability and efficiency. They play an important role in the life of a student. And when it comes to studies, the role of laptops for engineering students becomes more vital.

Laptops for engineering students help them in drafting models, drawing lines, and sketching structures. Being an engineering student, one must have to cover all the things on time that’s where these machines come handy. It makes study and assignments swift and quality-oriented.

The most interesting thing about the laptop is that we can use it by just spinning around the touchpad. There is no need for spinning the mouse. It’s upon the discretion of the user whether he/she wants to use the external mouse or not. And as we know time is money so in such a way a person can save a lot of it.

We have compiled a list of five best laptops for engineering students. Let’s glance over it!

1. Acer Predator Helios 300 – Best Gaming Laptop

From a strict price to a performance standpoint the ACER Predator Helios300 crushes any other laptop of the same category. It has a 15.6 full HD 144 Hz IPS display. You can enjoy the highest quality of graphics on this display-range.

It has an HD webcam with two mics. Its weight is about 5.95 pounds (2.7 kg).Acer Predator Helios 300

Furthermore, it has USB 3.1 and Type-C port in it along with a super smooth hinge. This laptop also comes along with two speakers which give pleasurable vibe while gaming or listening to music. It is powered by Intel’s 7th generation.

This machine has received praise from all around the world. Everyone is in awe of its satisfying and smooth functioning. It has a quite attractive price of 1000$.

In such a price range, this graphic-rich laptop is nothing short of a blessing. We can conclude that it is a very useful device for students, offices as well as games.

Pros Cons
It provides strong performance and its price tag is great for a GTX 1060 GPU. It is equipped with a relatively good battery which is pleasantly easy to upgrade as well.


The gaming experience on this laptop is just amazing. There is an auto cooling system that helps to maintain the temperature of it while playing heavy graphics games or working on different applications simultaneously. It is offered by the house of ACER with absolutely impressive graphics and resolution.


Besides all of these pros, there are some cons as well. Its display is a little bit on the dim side. The keypad light is just average which offers a substandard typing experience. The webcam is below par which is not handy for video calling. The need for an external webcam is unprecedented.


The touchpad is comparatively hard and does not provide the smoothness you may desire. Moreover, it seems to lags sometimes on high graphics games.


2. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop 15.6 – Laptops For Engineering Students

This laptop was made for the budget-focused users and it is full of impressive features. If you’re looking for a fine laptop in a low budget then it can be a fantastic product to have. Furthermore, it has a 4.4 rating on amazon which showcases its popularity among users.Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop 15.6

It’s integrated with technological advancement for blood filter filtering already built-in. It helps in avoiding eye strains in case of screen staring for many hours. Most importantly it does have 7.5 hours battery timing which is quite impressive.

On top of that, it has a premium aluminum finish which looks very sleek and feels pleasant. This laptop is a budget-friendly laptop and carries various positive reviews from users all over the world.

Performance-wise it is not a sluggish device by any means. It is powered by AMD Ryan3 3200u dual-core processor which gives enough power to the laptop to complete computing tasks with ease and free from lagging.

Pros Cons
Performance-wise this laptop is a complete package; offering everything which a general user needs. It comes with a remarkable graphic card that can control graphically rich games and run them vividly. Its design to impress with its slimmer structure and lightweight. Acer aspire is such a lightweight machine that we can carry it anywhere without even noticing.


Its display consists of a widescreen that supports 1080p which gives vibes of crystal clarity. Surprisingly the most important feature about this laptop is its battery which is impressive. It provides 7 hours of steady working with normal to heavy activities.

When it comes to displaying there’s nothing quite special about this laptop that can grab someone’s attention. Many reviews and tests have proved that the display of the laptop has some kind of limitations while gaming and streaming videos online at high resolutions.


Moreover, the brightness of the screen is also average. Now if we talk about its webcam it shows that it has 720 resolution but it produces blurred photos sometimes which is irritating.


3. HPSpectre x360 2019 – Best Laptop for Students

It is a very stylish looking laptop which comes with quite interesting and attractive features. Its built-in operating system is powered by window 10. This laptop comes with a 13.3 inches display and 1.8 GH processing speed. It has 2 USB ports and a classy fingerprint sensor.HPSpectre x360 2019

It comes in various variants of RAM: 8GB and 16GB.

Specter 360 is super light and weighs only 2.92 pounds. The color scheme is gorgeous and designed to impress. We have also a switch on the side of the laptop which allows the webcam to turn on and off.

The most interesting feature of this laptop is that we can rotate the display to 360 degrees. It can be used as a tablet as well. It also offers a screen pen for more pleasurable tasking. It comes with a whopping 11 to 12 hours of battery life which is quite remarkable.

The display is 1080P which offers to enjoy a stunning experience of high-resolution videos on it. The color accuracy is just brilliant. Speakers are placed at the bottom of the laptop which provides impressive sound effects.

Pros Cons
The best thing about this machine is its design and 360-degree rotation of the display. It is a 2 in 1 laptop which means we can use it as a laptop as well as a tablet. It is equipped with pen functionality for smooth and efficient tasking.


This device is quite faster than its rivals as it can read 3000 megabytes a second. It comes with an insanely good battery which is one of the biggest pluses to have it. It has impressive color accuracy and brightness is over 315.

A webcam is an important feature for a user who regularly does online stuff such as meetings or lectures. The advertisement shows that its camera is 720P but in reality, it is blurry and unclear.


Another negative aspect of this laptop is its mediocre touchpad. It provides shades of an average category laptop.


4. Asus Zenbook 13 Ultra-slim Laptop – Best Asus Laptop

If you’re at the market for a compact, well-equipped laptop, this is the one you must check-out. It is designed thin and small in size. It weighs 2.5 pounds. It comes with a 13.3 inches screen and tiny sides.Asus Zenbook 13 Ultra-slim Laptop

Asus has tried their best to give comfort and ease to users which can be realized while functioning it.

Its keyboard is well-placed and buttons are perfect in size. Its backlit is top-notch and we didn’t find it difficult to type on even with the laptop being as small as it is. The touchpad is placed just below the keypad.

At first glance, it looks like a normal trackpad but with the push of the button, it turns into a number pad. We liked the idea of having a dedicated number pad on such a small-size laptop.

Pros Cons
This laptop is just as same as one can think of. This laptop has many positive edges. It has a strong battery and sound quality. The design of the laptop is just flawless. Everything just seems perfect.


Its weight is so light that we can carry it anywhere without any hurdle. For students, this machine is just a blessing. Its screen is full of colors and provides clear and vivid resolution. This is the best laptop to own in a tight budget.

The Asus Zenbook 13 gives the vibe of a perfect laptop but certainly carries some limitations. It is made for the normal to moderate use. One cannot run a heavy graphics game or intensive apps on it. So, if you’re looking for a laptop that must be good for gaming then it is not for you.


5. Microsoft Surface Book CR7-00001 – Best Surface Book

Microsoft’s Surface is an awesome and gorgeous hybrid machine. Its design is flawlessly beautiful. The backlit keyboard is a real treat for its user and makes the typing so smooth and satisfying. The surface book has two USB 3.0 ports, a headphones port, and a full-sized card reader.Microsoft Surface Book CR7-00001

Interestingly, there are two charging ports, yeah that’s right, one for the keyboard portion and one on the bottom of the tablet portion.

There is a detach button on the keyboard. If you want to use your laptop as a tablet you just have to press the detach button and your tablet will be detached from the keyboard. The charging cables are also impressive. They are magnetic, similar to MacBook.

And if we look at the hinge of the laptop it looks amazing. Microsoft termed it as the fulcrum hinge. It has 13.5 inches IPS display which is not as impressive as other features but certainly not below average. Like other tablets, this laptop has also two cameras: one 8 megapixel camera on the backside and one 5 megapixel camera on the front.

Unlike other decent under-budgeted laptops this machine is compatible with high resolution and offers blur-free videos and pictures. It is equipped with 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512GB SSD. It is offered with two batteries: one is in the keyboard portion while the other is in the tablet portion. Moreover, it supports pen functionality.

Pros Cons
This laptop should be in everyone wish list as it has every feature that one person normally demands. Its a 2 in 1 device: a user can latch or unlatch the device without restarting it. Its display is phenomenal. It is vibrant and cool.


Another major plus on this device is its keypad. It is super smooth and looks stunning. The Surface book is made out of aluminum and therefore it feels like a solid and compact package.

It’s a pity that this laptop has also conned. Battery life in tablet mode is really bad which lasts for only 2 to 3 hours. Another con is that the headphone jack is on the upper side corner of the tablet which is quite awkward.


Every main component like motherboard, CPU, and RAM is placed in the tablet portion which makes it heavier than usual. Usually, nowadays, laptops come up with three thunderbolt Type-C ports but this laptop has only two ports which are a bit out-dated.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Touchscreen Laptops

We’re living in a modern world where everything is stylish and up-to-date. In this technological era, every new thing is evaluated on a hard scale. Touch screen laptops are one of those modern new things. They look pretty, neat and cool. Some of the advantages of touch screen laptops are stated below.


  • Touch screens laptops are really easy to use.
  • Beginners or those who have never used laptops in their lives, such people don’t know how to use the touchpad of a conventional laptop. For those, the touch screen is a blessing.
  • It feels comfortable, cool, and natural.
  • They can be used as a tablet; in such a way it proves to be 2 in 1 package.
  • They come with a pen or stylus which is really helpful in sketching, drawing, modeling and doing so many interesting things.


  • Maybe it is useful for beginners and students but not everyone likes touchscreen computers. It is not as much a productive machine for professionals or gamers as it is for a general user. Here are some of the drawbacks of such computers.
  • While gaming, it is difficult for a person to control the setup.
  • They make the user uncomfortable and unfamiliar while using it as it is difficult to hold and use a big screen.
  • There are a lot of function keys and shortcuts on the keyboard. Many people prefer using the original keyboard of the laptop over the touch screen keypad.
  • Another problem that people usually face is the size of buttons on the touch screen. It is small which makes the user often frustrated.
  • Their battery life is one major concern. Unfortunately, they come up with the worst batteries which usually can survive for 4 hours of straight use.

Best Laptop Buying Guide for 2020

The market is full of laptops and getting a fine machine is a tough egg to crack. The question pops in every potential buyer’s mind that how should we determine the best suitable laptop. Here is some key point which you should keep in mind before buying a laptop.

  • You must pick the perfect size of the laptop. It solely depends on the user which size of the machine will be suitable for him/her. It is difficult to carry a big-size laptop. That’s why while buying a laptop you should have to take this point in mind that size does matter.
  • You should check the screen quality of the laptop. If you’re a photographer or a videographer then a laptop with a quality graphics card and high resolution is the best pick for you. And if you’re a normal to moderate user then normal screen quality is appropriate for you. It’s totally upon your discretion and usage.
  • The quality of the keyboard and touchpad is an important point to consider. The keyboard and other input avenues have an important role in better functioning of the device. If you’re an office worker and you have to deal with a lot of typing work then you must choose a laptop whose typing pad is super smooth, soft, and well-placed.
  • You should evaluate the CPU of the laptop with a close eye. Because it is the most important organ of the machine. It allows us to run different programs smoothly and simultaneously without any noticeable problem. So, if you’re buying a laptop for fast and efficient use, make sure its CPU is remarkable.
  • A user must choose the RAM & ROM of the laptop according to their usage. If you are buying it for intensive use then a product with a high RAM option will be great to own. And, if you need extended storage options then look for a laptop with high ROM.


With the advancement of technology, different new things are filling the places of old ones. Nowadays, touch screen laptops are the center of attraction, and people are buying and enjoying them. There is no doubt that everything has its positive and negative aspects.

But if we observe this technology as a whole, we’ll find it useful. This new technology has changed our perception of laptops; we can fold and take it anywhere with ease. We can draw things on a laptop with a pen. We can watch high-resolution videos just like we watch on mobiles or tablets.

And there are a lot of other facilities which we get on touch screen devices but not on conventional PCs. So the whole verdict about touch screen laptops is that they’re useful and we should buy it and enjoy this innovation before a new gadget comes and takes its place.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is 2 in 1 Laptop is better than a tablet?

A tablet cannot perform all the tasks of a laptop but a laptop can perform all the tasks of a tablet. A 2 in 1 device is a convertible laptop that can be used as a tablet and a laptop as well. So such a device has a better impression than a usual tablet. So yeah, a 2 in 1 laptop is a better option than a tablet.

Why should we buy a Touch Screen Laptop?

There are a lot of benefits to choosing a touch screen laptop over a simple laptop. We can touch on the screen directly to open a window or application without spinning our fingers on the touchpad. We can also use our laptop as a tablet, in such a way we can enjoy all the features of a tablet as well.

Which kind of laptop is good for a gamer?

A gamer should have to choose a laptop who’s RAM is higher than normal laptops and can support higher graphics. There are a lot of gaming laptops available in the market and you can search online as well.

Is Touch Screen Laptop has a keyboard?

Yes, it has the same keyboard and touchpad as other normal laptops have. It is upon the discretion of the person whether to use the usual keyboard or touch keypad on the screen.

Is this true that touch screen laptop has low battery timing?

Yes! Somewhat it is true. When we detach the tablet from the laptop then usually the battery timing becomes low. It is because most of the important organs like CPU and RAM is placed in the tablet portion.

Are touch screen laptops cheap?

Not really, but there are some laptops which are cheaper than others. You can buy a fine machine under 1000 dollars easily. If you want to get one under-budgeted laptop it can be found as well.

Is this true that touch screen laptops are heavier?

No, it’s absolutely not true. The tablet mode of 2 in 1 laptop is quite heavier as compared to normal tablets. The reason is that all the important organs of the laptop are present in the tablet portion that makes the tablet heavier than normal but in total, a 2 in 1 laptop is not that much heavy as compared to other laptops.

What is the average battery timing of a 2 in 1 laptop?

A good laptop can give 9 to 10 hours of battery life to its users. Averagely, a device can survive for almost 5 to 6 hours. If you’re looking for an impressive battery life device under intensive use, then there are some laptops in the market which offer more 10 to 12-hours battery timing. They can be easily found online as well as in the market.

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