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In the current world, a Fifth upset is occurring. Everything owes to Information Technology. Practically 4.66 billion individuals are associated with IT. To deal with all the information, complex cycles, figuring, profound learning, and AI, supercomputers are utilized. Fugaku supercomputer is the quickest of them, performing more than 442 Quadrillion calculations for each second. Thus, keeping all in mind, there are a lot of interesting facts and figures that might amaze you regarding the Fugaku Supercomputer. Let’s delve into the details!

Who made Fugaku Supercomputer?

Supercomputers are about 900X more intense as far as preparation than standard centralized server PCs. In supercomputers, Japan’s Fugaku Supercomputer is the quickest supercomputer to date. It can strike more than 442 Quadrillion calculations every second! Fugaku supercomputers’ novel processors and recollections permit them to accomplish incredible accomplishments.

It is built by two organizations in an association, RIKEN, and Fujitsu, which are enormous tech goliaths in Japan. RIKEN is the most outstanding tech research organization in Japan, and Fujitsu is a tech-producing monster.

Picture Courtesy: Japan Forward

Fugaku’s Era- A Brief History of How Fugaku Developed?

In 2009, an idea was intended for the assembling of a supercomputer to eclipse. It was planned and based on the Mount Fuji topic, representing its elite, strength, and wide range of clients. On May 23, 2019, RIKEN reported that the supercomputer was to be named Fugaku.

In August 2019, the logo for the Fugaku supercomputer was divulged. In November 2019, the Fugaku supercomputer model won ahead of everyone else on the Green500 list. Shipment of the hardware racks to the RIKEN office started on December 2, 2019, and was finished on May 13, 2020. In June 2020, the Fugaku supercomputer turned into the quickest supercomputer worldwide in the TOP500 list, dislodging the IBM Summit.

Presently Fugaku supercomputer is playing out its obligations in Japan. It is supposed to be sent out by mid-2021, with numerous nations anxious to purchase this greatness.

Fugaku Supercomputer Specs- What’s inside Fugaku?

Fugaku supercomputer specs are very overpowering. The Fugaku supercomputer, which is now introduced at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) in Kobe, Japan, is being created under a public intent to configure Japan’s cutting-edge lead supercomputer. Riken and Fujitsu, yet the whole Japanese HPC (superior registering) local area met up. A portion of the innovations in building the machine was continued from K. PC. That made the test a little simpler. However, the essential trouble was building a quick, productive, and broadly useful CPU, which K didn’t address.

Hardware Specifications of Fugaku Supercomputer

Regarding the Fugaku Supercomputer Specs, let’s have a look at the hardware components speeding up this power machine. It is worked with the Fujitsu A64FX microchip. This CPU depends on the ARM rendition 8.2A processor engineering and receives the Scalable Vector Extensions for supercomputers. Fugaku was planned to be around multiple times more impressive than the K-PC (i.e., an exhibition focus of 1 exaFLOPS) and have an undeniable degree of practicability on the planet.

The underlying (June 2020) setup of Fugaku utilized 158,976 A64FX CPUs consolidated using Fujitsu’s restrictive torus combination interconnect. An overhaul in November 2020 expanded the number of processors. Its design incorporates 158,976 hubs in addition to Fujitsu A64FX CPU (48+4 center) per hub. Fugaku supercomputer’s specs include an HBM2 32 GiB/hub memory.

Software-Based Specifications of Fugaku Supercomputer

Fugaku will utilize a “lightweight multi-part working framework” named IHK/McKernel. The working framework utilizes both Linux and the McKernel light-weight bit working simultaneously and next to each other. The foundation that the two pieces run on is named the Interface for Heterogeneous Kernels (IHK). The superior reenactments are run on McKernel, with Linux accessible for any remaining POSIX-viable administrations.

Other than the framework programming, the supercomputer has run numerous sorts of utilizations, including a few benchmarks. Running the standard HPL benchmark, utilized by TOP500, Fugaku is at petascale and practically most of the way to exascale. Also, Fugaku has established world precedents on at any rate three different benchmarks, including HPL-AI; at 2.0 exaflops, the framework has surpassed the benchmark’s exascale edge.

Speed Matters- How Fast is the Fugaku Supercomputer?

The announced beginning exhibition of Fugaku was a Rmax of 416 petaFLOPS. After the November 2020 overhaul in the number of processors, Fugaku’s presentation expanded to a Rmax of 442 petaFLOPS. It has great quick speed.

It addressed an expansiveness first hunt of a colossal diagram with 1.1 trillion hubs and 17.6 trillion edges in around 0.25 seconds, procuring it a score of 102,955 Giga TEPS, a meaningful step forward over the score of 70,980 Giga TEPS in June and multiple occasions the score accomplished by its closest rival, China’s Sunway TaihuLight, which performed at 23,756 Giga TEPS.

After a little equipment update, as of November 2020, “Fugaku expanded its presence on the new blended accuracy HPC-AI benchmark to 2.0 exaflops, dominating its 1.4 exaflops mark recorded a half year back. These address the primary benchmark estimations over one exaflop for any exactness on any equipment. Curiously, the Arm A64FX center check was just expanded by 4.5%, to 7,630,848. All things considered, the deliberate execution rose considerably more on that benchmark (and the PC doesn’t utilize other figuring capacities, for example, GPUs), and somewhat more on TOP500, or by 6.4%, to 442 petaflops, another world record!

Uses of Fugaku Supercomputer- Tackling the World’s Biggest Problems

Fugaku utilizes incorporates a broad scope of uses that will address high-need social and logical issues. It will be used in applications pointed toward accomplishing the Society 5.0 arrangement by running applications in zones.

For example, Fugaku uses included Drug disclosure; customized and preventive medication; reenactments of catastrophic events; climate and environment anticipating; energy creation, stockpiling, and use; improvement of clean energy; the new material turn of events; new plan and creation measures; and-as a logical undertaking clarification of the crucial laws and development.

All these tasks are done by a single supercomputer. Just imagine how fast it will be when you stream a video or play a game or use heavy software, which usually causes your laptop to heat up and you come up with a question, why does my laptop drain battery so fast?

Fugaku Uses- The first way of thinking by Fugaku Supercomputer

It was brought into the world with an “application-first way of thinking,” implying that its select intention is to commit its computational greatness to handle a portion of the world’s most significant difficulties, for example, environmental change, says Satoshi Matsuoka, 57, the brains behind the venture.

Naoki Shinjo, Corporate Executive Officer at Fujitsu Limited, expressed:

“We are excited that we had the option to take the best position on the significant benchmarks for the second sequential term. Later on, we foresee that Fugaku will show high application execution and will be generally utilized as a supercomputer adding to the acknowledgment of Society 5.0.”  

At another event, While clarifying Fugaku utilizes, Satoshi Matsuoka said: “Fugaku was created to accomplish superior on different utilizations of high open interest, for example, those remembered for Japan’s Society 5.0 activity; proceeding with our improvement endeavors, we were again ready to clear the significant rankings once more, posting shockingly better execution than a half year back, mirroring the impressive presentation that Fugaku displays over the wide scope of genuine applications.

Later on, I trust that Fugaku itself will come into wide use as a supercomputer in itself. However, what’s more, the IT produced for Fugaku will come into boundless use around the planet in a more extensive scope of the framework, including cloud applications, adding to the arrangement of worldwide issues, for example, COVID-19 and driving development in Japan.”

Fugaku vs Coronavirus- How Fugaku Supercomputer help in Coronavirus?

In April 2020, RIKEN collaborated with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) to make the Fugaku supercomputer accessible for COVID-19 innovative work.
Utilizing Fugaku’s computational ability to create effective new medications and medicines will help lessen the long-haul impacts of COVID-19.

Fugaku Computer Price- How much Does Fugaku Supercomputer Costs?

The Fugaku computer price is obscure; however, the entire program costs US$ 1 Billion. It is said that more has been spent on the exploration of this supercomputer than its expense! Everything used in construction is heavily costly. Like they have used the world’s best thermal paste and so many minor and major components have been used in the best quality.


Japanese are well known for their amazing inventions in technology, gadgets, and accessories. This Japanese-made, world’s quickest supercomputer is an unadulterated exemplification of difficult work and greatness. It was made for flawlessness, and it is flawlessness. This amazing monster, when utilized for beneficial things, can change ventures, and it can make individuals live in the public eye 5.0.

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