How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard – Best Advice Guide(2022)

Laptop Wise - How to clean the laptop screen and keyboard

How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard: According to scientific research and different tests, it has been concluded that different types of germs and bacteria have the ability to grow or breed over the screens of laptops. In such situations for health concerns, one has to take care of preventing the breeding of germs on the screens of laptops and even on the keyboards.

A person can keep the screen from getting dirty or stop the breed of germs by cleaning the keyboard and the laptop screen by using different good quality sanitizers or by rubbing isopropyl alcohol on the laptop screen and the keyboard.

Why should you clean the laptop screen and keyboard?

Laptop Wise - How to clean Laptop

Whenever someone does something, the reason shall be there for it. There are many reasons for cleaning the laptop screen and the keyboard. The reason for cleaning the laptop screen and the keyboard is that this step prevents diseases and stops bacteria growth over the screen and the keyboard. Cleaning is very important for being safe from different diseases. Many people think about how to clean a laptop screen and keyboard and why they should clean it. There are many benefits of cleaning. If you clean your laptop internally and externally it can help you in fixing the pink screen of the laptop.

Disinfecting the surface of the laptop and the keyboard is an essential step for health care and the prevention of different infections. To control the germ growth laptop screen and keyboard, alcohol and sanitizers are used. The cleaning of screens plays an important role in the control and prevention of an increase in the numbers of bacteria through their breeding on the screen and their ultimate growth over it, which causes severe infections and diseases.

How to clean laptop screen and keyboard?

Some people are unaware of how to clean the laptop screen and keyboard. Here are the things that one requires to clean the laptops screen and its keyboard safely:

  • Distilled water
  • Isopropyl alcohol solution or a good quality disinfectant.
  • Gloves (disposable)
  • Soft cleaning cloth. (to avoid the scratches or streaks on the screen)

How to clean keyboard and screen with alcohol?

The steps to thoroughly clean the laptop and the keyboard with alcohol solution are given below:

1: Remove battery and devices:

First of all, one has to remove the battery from the laptop and also disconnect the wall outlet. Also, remove all the other devices or wires connected through ports. Before cleaning removal of the devices attached to it is necessary because the solution may enter those devices and some electric shock can happen, which is very dangerous.

2: Prepare a solution for cleaning:

Now the solution for cleaning the laptop is required. For this, diluted isopropyl alcohol or sanitizers work best. One can also use a good quality disinfectant for safe cleaning of the screen and the keyboard. The water used for this cleaning purpose should be distilled water because tap water may not work as well as distilled water.

3: Wipe screen clean:

The next step is the most important is cleaning the laptop screen. Moisten the cloth in the solution, and wipe the screen gently over the screen with soft hands so that the screen does not get damaged or get scratched. Wipe all over the screen in one direction and then air dry the laptop screen or use a dry cloth for drying purposes.

4: Clean keyboard:

It is a bit difficult and tricky to clean the keyboard because of the key spaces and ups and downs in its structure. Clean the keyboard all the way and disinfect it completely. It is a bit problematic to clean off the keyboard because of its filthy structure as it is not flat. Now the laptop screen and keyboard are thoroughly cleaned.

5: Drying laptop:

Air-dry the laptop completely before switching the laptop on. Drying the laptop is essential before turning the laptop on because it may damage the laptop so much that the laptop may be damaged permanently. So, the laptop shall be fully dried before using it.

How to clean the laptop exterior?

A huge number of people are unaware of how to clean the laptop screen and keyboard. Many different solutions can be utilized to clean the laptop exterior such as some good quality hand sanitizers, disinfectants, different alcohol solutions, etc. to clean the exterior the cloth is to be moistened with the desired solution and then wipe off the dirt and germs from the exterior of laptop by wiping in one direction. The laptop shall be unplugged before cleaning it and also completely dried before using it or turning it on.

How to disinfect the screen?

Disinfecting the screen is very important and can be done easily. It requires a good quality disinfectant solution that kills the bacteria and all the germs on the screen of laptop. This solution is completely applied to the screen of the laptop with the help of a cloth and wiped on the screen. Screen cleaning is very important for health concerns.

How do you clean laptop screens without streaks?

Many people ask how to clean the laptop screen without streaks; for this, a bottle shall be filled up with a solution that is required to clean off the screen. Do not spray the screen directly, always spray it over a cloth first and then wipe the screen in one direction or in a circular motion gently with soft hands. If it is done in the right way, then there will be no streaks over the screen.

While cleaning the screen, the cloth shall be used gently and with soft hands so that it does not damage the screen. Avoid using tap water or very strong acidic solutions for cleaning the screen from getting scratches on the screen or damage to the screen.

How to clean fingerprints off the laptop screen?

To completely remove the fingerprints off the laptop screen, a person needs to male a 50-on-50 solution of disinfectant and water with it. Disinfectants can be replaced with alcohol, and sanitizers also. Then the screen is cleared with this solution by applying it on the cloth and wiping the whole screen with it. Gently remove all the dirt from the screen, and then a sparkling laptop screen appears.

How to clean the keyboard and laptop screen with water?

The laptop screen and the keyboard can be cleaned up with water. In household items, water is the best product to clean the laptop screen and the keyboard. The water is to be sprayed on the cloth, just like the disinfectant on the cloth. Then the cloth is used to wipe the laptop and clean the laptop’s screen and keyboard.


1: How to clean the cooling vents?

For cleaning the cooling vents, a can of compressed air is required because these vents allow airflow through them. The location of cooling vents depends upon the model of the laptop. Cooling vents are thoroughly cleaned by compressed air.

2: How to clean the laptop mouse and its trackpad?

Cleaning the trackpad and the laptop mouse is very important and is done through disinfectants and distilled water mixed with it. The other solution that can be used to clean the laptop is vinegar with distilled water. The mouse and trackpad should be thoroughly cleaned using a good quality disinfectant, alcohol mixture, or hand sanitizer.

3: How to clean the other ports?

The ports need to be cleaned completely as they are also a very important part of the laptop and need to be cleaned perfectly to avoid the breeding or the growth of bacteria and germs over the surface of the laptop. Ports need to be handled carefully as carelessness can cause great damage to your laptop.

4: What is the best solution used for laptop disinfection?

A variety of solutions are introduced in the market that is specifically produced for the purpose of cleaning laptops. Other than those, you can use hand sanitizers or alcohol mixed with distilled water.

5: How to avoid streaks on the screen of my laptop?

You can avoid the streaks over your laptop screen by handling the laptop screen gently and wiping the screen with soft hands so that no scratches appear on the screen of the laptop. And always wipe in one direction or in a circular motion properly.


After reading the above details given on how to clean a laptop screen and keyboard, you will be able to completely clean your laptop screen and keyboard well. This article must have saved a lot of your time from getting wasted searching other websites on the internet for a long. Let us know if you found this article helpful for you, in the comment section.

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