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Laptop Wise - How to Clean Laptop Speakers

Laptop speakers are small speakers used in laptops and other portable electronic devices. They are the integrated devices that play a major role in the sound of laptops. In addition to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, laptop speakers are available on all of them.

Further, they are built into the device and are often used to play music or audiobooks.

Laptops have built-in speakers usually located at the back of the device. These speakers are usually located near the device’s rear and are often single-unit speakers. If you don’t know the right way how to clean laptop speakers the speakers may not work properly.

However, a number of factors play a role in this. One reason is that the speakers are designed to produce sound at a high volume and have a flat frequency response. 

Likewise, place the speakers in a way that will provide the best possible sound for the user.

As a laptop owner, you know the importance of keeping it clean. However, cleaning the laptop speakers is often neglected. If you don’t clean your laptop speakers, they can start to sound scratchy or muffled. 

More so, when you clean the laptop speakers, you can improve their sound quality and increase the life of your laptop speakers.

Your laptop speakers can get pretty dirty over time. It’s inevitable as dust gets into your laptop’s internal components and builds up on the surfaces you touch. 

But it doesn’t have to be a big deal—you can clean them with a few simple steps.

How to Clean Laptop Speakers — 12 Effective Tips 

Laptop Wise - How to Clean Laptop Speakers

Dust and dirt cover the speakers on your laptop, don’t you know? If yes, you should take steps to clean your laptop speakers. If not, you may face problems listening to songs, watching movies, or playing games.

In addition, cleaning your laptop speakers is important for a variety of reasons. To simplify your life, follow these tips.

Bristle Brush

The first and most crucial step in cleaning the speaker is using a bristle brush. Abrasive cleaners damage the material of the speaker and might harm your home. 

So, use a soft bristle brush and wipe your speakers using it.

Use a Damp Cloth

If you are cleaning your laptop speakers, dampen a cloth with water, start cleaning from the inside, and wipe the dust and dirt with it.

Remove All the Covers

Some laptop speakers come with covers, but there is no need to cover them. Instead, remove the covers entirely and let them dry. The air can quickly get in and make the speakers clean.

Vacuum Cleaning

It is the most effective way to clean your laptop speakers. First, you need to open the lid of your laptop and connect the vacuum to the computer and then vacuum the dust and dirt from the interior.


If your laptop speakers are still not clean, you need to disinfect them. Many types of cleaning agents are available in the market, but before choosing any cleaning solution, you need to test it in your home.

Use a Cleaning Cloth

A cleaning cloth will be the best option to clean the speakers and other parts of the laptop. A regular cleaning cloth will easily remove dust and dust particles from the laptop speakers.

Remove the Dirt By Hand

If the speaker is still dirty and you don’t want to use any cleaning cloth, then you need to take a hand to remove the dirt. The reason is that a cleaning cloth will only remove the dust from the laptop speaker.

Use Alcohol

The next thing is to add some alcohol to the speaker. It is useful for removing dust and grime. Alcohol will help to clean your speaker, and it will also help to keep the sound quality and volume intact.

Dry Cleaner

You can use a dry cleaner to remove the speaker’s dirt, dust, and grime. Dry cleaning is the safest and easiest way to clean the speaker and will not damage the speaker.

Use Cotton Swabs

Cotton is a good absorbent material that will help to clean the speaker and to remove dirt from it.

Wipe and Clean

Now you just have to clean the speaker grills with a wet cloth and keep them on the speakers for at least half an hour. It will help to kill the dust particles, and you can use the same cloth to clean the speakers.

Keep the Speaker in the Air

Take care of the speaker when you are cleaning it. The best way to clean the speaker is to place it on a table and keep it in the air, as the air will help the speaker to circulate. After that, you can wipe it clean.

Final Thought

In the end, a laptop speaker is one of the essential accessories to have in your work area. Of course, it would help if you had it to listen to music, watch videos, and communicate with your colleagues. I have tried my best to guide you on how to clean laptop speakers in an effective way. If you found any queries you can ask them in the comment box. 

Unfortunately, over time, your speakers may become dirty or damaged. Luckily, you can clean your laptop speakers easily. It only takes a microfiber cloth and some water to clean the surface.


1. What is the best method of cleaning laptop speakers?

The best way to clean laptop speakers is to put them in a sink with warm water and dish soap.

2. Can you clean laptop speakers with alcohol?

Using alcohol to clean laptop speakers is not okay because it can damage the speakers.

3. What should I use to clean device speakers?

Using a soft cloth and some dish soap will help.

4. When should I clean my device speakers?

It’s recommended that you clean your laptop speakers every three months.

5. Can I use compressed air to clean laptop speakers?

If you use compressed air, you can clean the speakers on your laptop.

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