How to Connect a Microphone to a Laptop for Recording best tips 2022

Laptop Wise - How to Connect a Microphone to a Laptop for Recording

How to Connect a Microphone to a Laptop for Recording? The music industry has become an essential part of the world of entertainment. This industry has a great future regarding income and its creative productions. So, everyone with a melodious voice tries his/her luck to get into this field.

Voice is not the required skill only, but music also requires good quality equipment. And the most essential and major part of equipment for a vocalist is a microphone. A person who is new to this field may not be having the equipment, but he/she shall have a microphone.

As there are many options for a new singer that he/she may like to record the songs at the studio, at home, or wants a video to be recorded outside to make the song creative and attractive. This article will help you with the connection of a microphone with a laptop for recording.

Types of microphones:

There is a huge range of microphones introduced by different popular companies. The major types of microphones are dynamic microphones and condenser microphones which are easily available in stores.

Dynamic microphones are commonly used microphones that are not that many high-quality. At the same time, condenser microphones are considered good microphones. It is a better product as compared to dynamic microphones for professional and accurate recordings.

The condenser microphones are actually used for the high-end quality of recordings, and these microphones are more complex than those dynamic microphones. The condenser microphones are expensive also, but they also provide fine results.

How to connect a wireless microphone to a laptop?

The connection of wireless microphones allows more mobility at work. The steps to connect the wireless microphone to a laptop are listed below:

  • Install batteries into the wireless microphones and a receiver also.
  • Connect ¼ inch plug into the recording input jack.
  • Click the start button, then go to accessories, then entertainment, and then go to the sound
  • Start recording by pressing the red circle button shown on the screen for a starter of recording and enjoy the sound recording.

How to connect a basic microphone to a laptop for recording?

Laptop Wise - How to Connect a Microphone to a Laptop

It is very important to know how one can connect a simple and basic microphone to the laptop. The first step to do so is to find a mic jack on your laptop. The jack used for the microphone can be a USB jack, 1/8 jack, or a simple headphone jack. Then go to the sound settings and choose the recording option. Record the voice and check the results.

If one has a professional microphone, then the steps are the same, but one has to look for an XLR jack for proper connection and also will have to purchase a perfect converter to enjoy good signal quality.

If still it causing issues check for the drivers of the mic. If drivers are not installed download them online or from a DVD. If you download drivers online add that site to your bookmarks to save your time next.

If it still not connecting check your motherboard unplug all external things, clean the motherboard with cleaner and check again.

How to use a condenser microphone on a laptop?

The condenser microphones are a bit complicated to be connected to the laptop but not that difficult that you cannot do actually by yourself. All one needs to do is buy a good quality mixer that provides one with fine-quality sound signals.

The mixers are not required on all laptops. Mixers are available in different price ranges. There are many mixers that offer high-quality results at an affordable price. For best results, one may require a good sound card that supports a jack of ¼ inches.

After arranging all these things, go for the connections. Connect the condenser microphone to the mixer and the mixer to the sound card. After you have connected these, go for good recording software that offers a good experience of sound recording.

How to Set Up Karaoke on a Laptop?

First, one has to decide whether he/she is going to use the Karaoke machine or not. The following tells you the steps that one needs to follow to set up a Karaoke on a laptop with a Karaoke machine and also without it.

Karaoke on a laptop with a Karaoke machine:

 If you are using a Karaoke machine, connect this machine to a laptop by using Bluetooth, AUX cable, or by using USB. The basic function of the Karaoke machine is to act as a mixer. The Karaoke machine is very easy to set up on a laptop. This system works very well if the speakers with the machine are well.

This machine can be connected physically by wiring it and also by a Bluetooth system.

Karaoke on a laptop without a Karaoke machine:

If a person does not have a Karaoke machine, then one needs to arrange a Karaoke speaker with a mixer that works properly. And for basic things, you will be in need of a microphone and a speaker for obvious. Connect the microphone as told above and connect the speakers with the laptop also. The next step shall be searching for a Karaoke or instrumental version of the desired song on YouTube.

How to connect an XLR microphone to a laptop?

The most common way used to connect an XLR microphone to a laptop is by using an XLR adapter or USB adapter. In a situation when you want multiple XLR microphones on the laptop, then you will require XLR cables for this purpose.

How to set the microphone input on your laptop?

First of all, a person needs to do is to check the audio or sound settings on the laptop to confirm that the mic is on input or output. Then a person needs to check for the volume settings.

There will be a headphone port on the audio interface where you can hear your own voice while recording your voice note. This feature may be involved in some of the USB microphones also.

The user can also adjust the volume of this voice of headphones by the knob that controls the volume settings on the headphones.

If a person is going to listen to the voice note or recordings on the same monitor screen, then there are two ports given at the back of the interface for the connection of multiple speakers on it.

Lower the volume level of the speakers while recording so that you don’t listen to your own recording through a microphone while doing it.


1. How do I connect a microphone collar to my laptop?

If the collar microphone is 3.5 mm, Jack then connects it to the microphone port on your laptop. The microphone port is red, and the audio going out is green.

2. How do I connect an external microphone to my laptop?

The following steps are required for you to connect an external microphone to your laptop:
Right-click on the volume option present on the taskbar in the corner of your screen.
Click on the Sounds option.
Now, in the sound window, you will have to select the Recording tab.
Select the microphone you want to use.
Click the Configure button and enjoy it then.

3. Why will my mic not work on my PC?

You first will have to make sure that you have chosen the option of “Voice Transmission Type.” Then the mic will work properly even if you work choosing Push to Talk,” the mic will work on the PC.

4. How do I connect an external microphone to my HP laptop?

A USB microphone or a microphone with a 3.5 mm jack can be used in HP laptops. For the USB microphone, a person may require two adapters, one for the headphones and the other for the microphone you are using.


So, that is the way how to Connect a Microphone to a Laptop for Recording. After examining all the ways to Connect a Microphone to a Laptop for Recording, you must have understood how to do this.

This article must have saved a lot of your precious time from getting wasted in search of other websites on the internet for a long to know about your microphone connected to a laptop for recording. Let us know in the comments section if this article was helpful to you in any way.

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