Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost – Easy Guide 2022

Laptop Wise - Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

A laptop charging port is a small hole in the back of your laptop where the power cable plugs into your computer. It’s easy to overlook this little port because it’s so tiny, but if it becomes damaged, it can be a severe problem. 

In case, If the charging port breaks, it can cause your laptop to shut down or become inoperable. This post will look at the laptop charging port repair cost and the cost of replacement parts.

Further, the repair cost is about $30, but you need to know what kind of parts you will need to repair. The cost of replacement parts can vary as per the gadget you have. We will also discuss the cost of replacement parts and how much you will pay for a new laptop charging port.

The laptop charging port is the most common problem when you use your laptop. When you charge your computer, you must always keep it in the proper position. If you place it on the wrong side, it will affect the charging speed and even damage your computer.

A laptop charging port can damage by many factors. It includes overheating or poor contact. If you have a laptop that is no longer working correctly, we will help you fix it at the lowest cost.

Besides this, the post discusses the cost of repairing a laptop charging port—the repair itself and the fee for replacement parts.

What is the cost of fixing a laptop charging port?

A laptop charger port is a vital part of a laptop. It’s the primary energy source for your laptop. So make sure the laptop must be in working properly to ensure your laptop can charge.

And if you’re one of these laptops, you must know that they can be too expensive to fix. A typical repair bill can run anywhere from $300 to $600. 

It’s important to know how to set up your laptop’s charging port because it can be a huge time saver.

The good news is that this is an easy DIY project and requires only essential tools and a bit of time.

Step 1: Check the battery: If the laptop has a battery, first check if the battery is good. If the computer doesn’t have a battery. Next, check the power cord for damage If it is, then the charger has some problem.

Step 2: Check the power source: If the charger is working, check to see if the power source is working. You should replace the power source if it isn’t.

Step 3: Replace the power source: If the power source is not working well. Then you should change the energy source of your laptop.

Step 4: Repair the port: If the power source and the port are both working, then repair the dock.

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Samsung Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

The Samsung laptop is a modern laptop on the market. But when we talk about its repair, it’s too expensive. It’s a costly gadget, and you should treat it as a delicate item. 

Likewise, If you buy one, ensure you get the best quality one because it will last longer.

If you own a laptop, you will likely need to charge it. But, you may find that your laptop charging port has stopped working. You may also find that the charging port has become damaged or has developed a fault. 

Either way, if you need to replace a laptop charging port, you will pay an average of $200 for the repair. Yet, if you port itself, it costs around $5 to $50.

Lenovo Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

Many people are using the Lenovo laptop. Nonetheless, the laptop’s charging port is an essential component. In short, it is one of the very essential parts of the computer. 

In addition, the cost of replacing the charging port on a laptop is always a significant concern for users.

The repair range ranges from $113 to $300, but the cost of porting is around $13 to $30.

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Screen Replacement Cost

A Dell Inspire 13 7000 is an outstanding laptop with many great features. 

The only problem is that the battery has a low capacity and is not very easy to replace. Therefore, replacing the battery may take a lot of your time and effort. Besides, the price of replacement is also high.

Further, the cost varies from $45 to $1000.

Acer Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

Acer is a famous brand of laptop computers and computer accessories. Laptop computers are very portable, but if you drop your laptop, it can break or get damaged in many ways. 

You may have dropped your laptop on the floor accidentally. And someone else may have dropped it on purpose. Regardless of how you have damaged your computer, it would help if you fixed the laptop charging port.

The cost to repair the charging port on an Acer laptop varies from $25 to $300. More so, the port itself price is around about $8 to $25.

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What is the cost of fixing a laptop hinge?

A laptop hinge is a very important part of a laptop. Without a good hinge, a computer will be tough to use.

The cost depends on the problem. You’ll bear the cost of around $50 to $320. But, if the problem is simple, it can be $7 to $50.


Overall, If you have a laptop, and it isn’t working correctly. Then,  having an estimate of the cost of the repair is the first step. The first step you’ll do is to find out how much a repair costs. You can do this by looking up the cost of repairs on the Internet. Yet, this isn’t always the best solution.

Besides this, the repair cost of a laptop charging port depends on the damage to the port. You’ll replace the port if it breaks. As well as, If the port is damaged, but it still works, you can fix it by replacing the cable or repairing the connector.


1. Can You Tell Me How Long It Takes To Fix A Laptop?

It depends on the type of laptop. For a MacBook, it takes about an hour. For a Dell laptop, it takes about 2 hours.

2. If I Replace My Laptop Charging Port, How Much Will It Cost?

It can cost anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on what you need to do.

3. What Is The Most Common Problem With Laptop Charging Ports?

In most cases, laptop charging ports have plug problems.

4. What’s The Most Common Type Of Laptop Charging Port Repair?

The most common type of laptop charging port repair is to replace the charging port.

5. What You Should Know About A Laptop Repair?

Before buying a laptop, make sure it has a Micro-USB charging port.

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