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Laptop Wise - Laptop Keyboard not Typing Letters

Laptop keyboard not typing letters?

You have got an assignment and working on a laptop to complete it, and suddenly the Laptop Keyboard stopped typing some letters. Sometimes the worst thing happens when the whole keyboard stops responding, and this becomes a hectic problem. This can worsen if the work is pending, and you have to submit your work.

There can be multiple reasons for the Laptop Keyboard not typing letters. Some of those causes and reasons are discussed below and explained well. There are some quick ways and different methods also that will help you in such a time when you are stuck in this hectic problem. This article will help you know about the causes of this problem and various methods to sort out this problem in different ways on your own with ease in some time.

Causes of Laptop Keyboard not typing Letters:

The followings are the ways to assist with this hectic problem:

1. Rebooting your Laptop:

When a person is having such a problem with a laptop, the first thing you need to do is reboot the laptop before fixing this problem. A reboot corrects a lot of problems on your laptop.

All you need to do for rebooting is to open the “start” menu on windows 10 and select “power” and then go for “restart.” If the trackpad or the mouse is also not helping you with the reboot, then hold down the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then turn the laptop on again. In this way, you can reboot your laptop easily.

2. Software problem or hardware issue?

The problem can be due to the hardware problem of the keyboard itself or is this problem caused by the software issue that is not letting windows recognize the keystrokes properly?

Once you recognize this point that if the problem is from the software side or from the hardware side, this will make it easy for you to operate the problem and make fixations.

This step is a basic one for fixing this problem on your own, and this will save a lot of your time in confirming the solution to fix this problem.

How to know if it is a Software problem or a hardware issue?

Some people may want to troubleshoot this. Therefore, the method below is given:

First of all, restart the laptop and then enter the BIOS. (this is done by pressing the same key again and again while the laptop is booting up, this key is different for every laptop, but usually, it is Delete or F2). Most of the time, this key is represented on the lower part of the display screen while the laptop is booting up.

If you are able to enter the BIOS, then the problem is from the software side, and if you cannot enter BIOS, then the hardware is the problem.

Solution for software problem:

If there is an issue due to software, then you will be able to get it to work in no time because this problem can be sorted out in no time. There are some things that you shall try out at that time:

1. Update your keyboard drive:

The most obvious thing that you need to do is to update your keyboard drive first. The steps to update your keyboard drive are listed below:

  • Open Device Manager on the laptop.
  • Open up the keyboards option.
  • Right, click the expanded list “standard PS/2 keyboard” followed up by the update drive.
  • Update the keyboard driver.
  • After updating the keyboard driver, check to see if the keyboard has started to work.
  • If it has not started working, then go for the next step which is to delete the drive and reinstall it.

2. Reinstalling the keyboard drive:

If the first step of updating the keyboard driver does not work, then this step is required to be completed. For this, a person needs to click twice on the option of “standard PS/2 keyboard†and then select the option of delete.

Then reboot the laptop, and the keyboard driver will have been installed automatically. Test the keyboard to see if the problem has finished. If still, it does not work, go for the last step of the malware scan.

3. Malware scanning:

The last thing that you can do at the moment is to use the “Malwarebytes tool” for malware scanning. The laptop window may not be recognizing the keystrokes because of a virus that can be removed by Malware scanning. This is a top antivirus tool that will get rid of the viruses on your laptop.

The virus can cause serious problems to your system. It can enter your system through a flash drive, DVDs, installing different games, software, and Drivers for connecting microphones for recording, and through many other ways. So keep scanning your system.

Solution for hardware problem:

As told above, if you have figured out the problem and the problem is due to hardware issues, then you will have to make your hands work!

1. Cleaning the keyboard:

Laptop wise - Laptop keyboard not typing letters

Yes, you will have to clean up the whole keyboard. But before this, you will have to turn off the laptop and remove the plug for safety. Once you are done with this, you will have to turn your laptop upside-down at an angle of 45 degrees to 75 degrees from the horizontal side.

Then give the laptop a good jerk or shake it well. Tap it on the bottom well. The dust and crumbs of your lunch will come off the laptop this way. You can use a can of compressed air to remove all this dust and dirt.

2. Overheating problems:

Sometimes a battery can cause keyboard hardware problems that may cause the keyboard not to type the letters. For eliminating this problem, remove the battery from the laptop and keep it out for some time.

This way, the laptop keyboard will cool down, and work back to normal if this was the real problem. Try to use AC power only and reboot the laptop without the battery in it.

3. Reconnect the laptop to the motherboard:

The keyboard may not be connected to the motherboard, and there is also a possibility of a damaged keyboard. In such a situation, one will have to open up the laptop. It may be difficult for a person, to go to a service store for professional work. Sometimes a liquid fell on the keyboard and penetrates the motherboard sometimes resulting in a pink screen. This can also be the reason for keyboard dysfunction. Clean your motherboard with motherboard cleaner liquid.

If the laptop still has a warranty, then go send the laptop for repairing it. Contact the manufacturer’s tech support line for this purpose. A defective keyboard shall be interchanged with a new one.

FAQs- Laptop Keyboard not typing Letters:

Some of the most frequently asked questions asked by people related to Laptop Keyboard, not typing letters are listed below:

Why is my laptop keyboard adding letters when I type?

This must be a scanning issue. You can try to connect an external keyboard just to check if the problems are finished with it or not. Clean up your keyboard and reconnect it to the motherboard.

How do I get my keyboard to stop double letters?

To get rid of this problem, you will have to follow the following steps:
Click the start button.
Open keyboard properties.
Change the repeat delay and repeat rate settings.

How do you fix the keyboard typing wrong characters?

The easiest quick way to change it is to just click Shift + Alt, which will allow you to alternate between the two keyboard languages. This will help you in fixing this problem.

How do you fix an unresponsive mechanical keyboard?

You will have to remove the cap of the key that has been affected, then hold the keyboard vertically, perpendicular to a rigid surface, and parallel to the can of compressed air that you are going to use and clean up.

How do I fix my keyboard by typing numbers instead of letters?

For sorting this problem, you will have to press the Function (Fn) to write in a normal way. You will simply have to press the Fn key with the number key.


After examining all the ways how to fix the problem of the Laptop Keyboard not typing letters, you must have understood how to do this. This article must have saved a lot of your precious time from getting wasted in search of other websites on the internet for a long to know about reasons and methods to sort out the problem of Laptop keyboards not typing letters. Let us know in the comments section if this article was helpful to you in any way.

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